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Press release: Royall & Company and Hardwick-Day join forces.

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  • “We now manage a major part of the application process with Royall. Our customized program starts earlier, is more streamlined and is more timely and effective than ever.”

    ~ John Buckley, Fordham University
    Fordham University
  • “With Royall as our partner, we are comfortable developing a very innovative, aggressive and creative approach to enrollment. And, thanks to this continuous dialog about how this process is changing, we know we’ll be ready for future challenges – whatever they may be.”

    ~ Ned Jones, Siena College
    Siena College
  • “Thanks to Royall & Company’s email qualification program, we were able to effectively focus our efforts on students who would be more likely to apply and enroll. It’s been a great success and has saved us countless wasted hours.”

    ~ Vernon Beitzel, Virginia Military Institute
    Virginia Military Institute


Royall & Company is a recruitment marketing consultancy dedicated to college and university student enrollment management and alumni advancement services. Undergraduate recruitment services target qualified students, increase campus visits, free staff from follow-up work, optimize the application process and provide online tuition deposit and contact lists, among other benefits. Strategic graduate recruitment builds a goal-oriented, data-driven recruitment plan and provides creative and technical development and analysis. Advancement services leverage proven college and university fundraising techniques to grow and retain alumni giving.